Since the early 1970’s, Mary Aroian has been exploring and innovating with the enamel arts at the Worcester Center for the Crafts.  As one of the currently longest continuous members of the Craft Center community, she has produced many beautiful works of enamel art and jewelry and provided inspiration and expert assistance to numerous enameling students over the years.  Her family has admired her work and the work of other enamelists and recognized the lack of good venues not just locally but around the entire country (indeed, the world!) for enamel artists to display and share this amazing, old, under-appreciated and beautiful art form.


When her son Raffi Aroian moved back to Worcester in 2014, he became inspired to correct this deficiency and spent the next few years talking to community members about how to change this lack of opportunity for enamel artists and looking for exhibit space around the state.  From these efforts and discussions, the Gallery of Enamel Art, LLC was born in the State of Massachusetts in 2018 and found its home at the historic Commerce Building at 340 Main Street (Suite 505) in Worcester, Massachusetts.


Our mission is to provide a venue for enamel artists to exhibit their work, to educate and expose the public to the beauty of glass-on-metal (enamel) art, to promote local and regional enamel artists, and to promote enameling at the Worcester Center for the Crafts.  Thanks to a generous gift, there is currently no cost to exhibit or visit the gallery, and we are looking to exhibit works from local and regional enamel artists.  We are also grateful for an arrangement to have high quality specialty coffee offered for free at exhibits, courtesy of JNP Coffee.  We are excited about providing this one-of-a-kind venue for the community and look forward to an amazing experience for all!

We are open the second Saturday of every month (except December 2018, third Saturday).

If you are interested in exhibiting your works, please contact us here.